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  • To energetically fight for the rights of our clients, people who have been injured due to the fault of others, and to do so with honesty, integrity, compassion and excellence. We will do this while minimizing cost and maximizing the compensation to our client.
  • To develop a practice where our clients know from day one that we understand the importance of their case and take it as seriously as they do. Where our clients know that anything that is said or done is totally confidential.
  • To eliminate our client’s frustrations and stress with their claims by handling the details for them so they may concentrate on getting well. These details include dealing with tough insurance companies, working with health care providers, and helping resolve property damage claims.
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Auto and Truck Accidents
Bus Accidents
Slip, Trip and Fall
Bicycle Accidents
Highway Design Accidents
Work Accidents and Related Claims
Motorcycle Accidents
Drunk Driver Passenger Accidents
Product Liability
Boating Accidents
Animal Bites and Injury


Levandowski and Associates has specialized in Personal Injury Cases for over 25 years. Personal injury claims are called torts and are classified into three broad categories – negligence torts, intentional torts and strict (or absolute liability) torts.

A negligence tort is the most common and is the failure to use reasonable care to avoid a foreseeable harm to a person, place or thing. Individuals will be liable if their unreasonable act or failure to act causes and injury, even if the harm is unintentional.

An intentional tort is the “malicious or intentional” infliction of harm that results in injury. Assault and battery would be an example of an intentional tort. Most intentional torts are criminal offenses.

The strict liability tort is where a person is held responsible for the injury of another regardless of negligence or intent. Some instances in which strict liability may apply are product liability cases, abnormally dangerous or ultra-hazardous activities and animal owner’s liability.

About Zach Herschesohn

Personal Injury Attorney Zach Herschensohn earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Washington University in 1997. After graduation, Zach enrolled in law school at St. John’s University in New York City, where he was a member of moot court and named a finalist in the James F. Niehoff trial competition. After earning his J.D., Zach relocated back to his hometown of Seattle and began working for the firm of Levinson Friedman.

Since then, Zach also has worked as an associate for the Law Offices of Gregory F. Logue as well as the national law firm of Brayton Purcell. At the latter, Zach litigated on behalf of injured workers and others exposed to asbestos. In 2008, Zach expanded his practice to include maritime injury claims. He has always worked for injured plaintiffs and has extensive experience in all areas of personal injury and product liability litigation.

Zach has successfully litigated numerous cases from initial complaint to judgment—see results of recent settlements here. Through his efforts, Zach has helped individuals who were injured in automobile collisions as well as those who were injured through the use of faulty products and corporate negligence. His passion for helping injured plaintiffs has helped guarantee fair compensation for his clients. Zach Herschensohn is dedicated to providing personalized representation to injured individuals and their families. He maintains this pledge: “As your personal injury lawyer, I aggressively support your right to fair compensation. I’m not afraid of a fight.”

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